For you I'll be Superhuman

can u ship me pplws

im the one without the glasses in the picture.

im a grandma stuck in a teen , i love history , chess , books and life lol criminal minds is the best show ever , i like indie way too much besides from 1d lol txt iti i hve played basketball for 9 years aka a lifetime omg i go to an only girl school and i get good grades even without studying , but i always cry when im told to say something in the front.

im always embarassing my friends.

omg thank you so much , i love you yes

you are soo pretty!!!! lol i love crminal minds too!!!!

i ship you with:


you were on your way home from school and you saw someone getting bullied so you ran over to them and tried to make them stop hitting the poor but but couldn’t luckily this nice handsome boy about your age came in to help to and scared the bullies away the poor boy looked at us and thanked us then ran away but not before giving you a huge hug. “your very brave you know”, the boy said 

" oh yeah well i was once bullied and i felt bad for him", you said

the boy looked at you and said ” my name is harry and yours?” he asked

" (y/n)", you answered

you began to walk away when he grabed your arm and said i’m sorry to be to foward but can i have your number?”, he askes

you looked at him blushed and wrote your number in a piece of paper later that day he asked you on a date and it led to a wonderful relationship then that relationship led to your wedding day.

cute moments: being in each others arms he loves the way you smell and you the way he smells

favorite picture: you were on a walk when it started raining and the paps happened to cature that but he loved it

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