For you I'll be Superhuman

Ship Please? :D

Hi! I’m Rachel! I’m very shy at first but once you get to know me I’m really strange. My friends always say I’m really nice and sweet. I am extremely loyal to my friends and get really defensive over them. I would rather curl up with a good book than go out and party. I’m deathly afraid of thunderstorms and I am really skittish. P.S. I love your blog! :)

well hello rachel you are very beautiful :) aww thank you


i ship you with zayn!!!!


you were at the mall shopping with your best friends and you kept seeing the same stranger over and over again and you were a but scared but at the same time no because he was really cute. when you entered a store a couple minutes later he was there and you decided to confront him.

" uhh i don’t know if it just me but are you following me?" you asked

" oh uhh sorry babe i kinda am", he admitted

"its a bit creepy", you said

"i’m sorry it is just you are sooo beautiful ", he said

you blushed and said “oh thank you “

"can i have your number please you seem like an amazing person, my name is zayn by the way", he said

"my name is Rachel and yeah sure if you were capable of following me without scarying me to death then yeah" you said

you gave him your number and he gave you his and you went on date one and then date 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 and so on that soon led to you dating and then being engaged.


favorite picture: you guys were at the park and a fan happen to see yiu two and took a picture that zayn asked a copy for

cute moments: you guys like to go for walks and when you do he randomly stops to do this and you love when he does

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